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The Balkan Merchants of Nezhin 17th-19th centuries

Iannis Carras and Eugene Chernukhin

Iannis Carras and Eugene Chernukhin, The Balkan Merchants of Nezhin 17th-19th centuries, Black Sea History Project Working Papers, volume 13, forthcoming




 Introduction, Constantine Harlampovich and the study of the Nezhin Greeks (Eugenii Chernukin)

  1. The clash of Empires and the Nezhin Greeks (Iannis Carras)
  2. Migration (Iannis Carras)
  3. The religious life of the Nezhin Greeks (Vitalii Tkachuk),
  4. The legal life of the Nezhin Greeks (Iannis Carras),
  5. A case study in one merchant dynasty: the Melas archive (Eugenii Chernukin)
  6. The physical environment of the Nezhin Greeks (Oleksandr Morozov)