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Port-cities of the northern shore of the Black Sea: Institutional, Economic and Social Development, 18th - early 20th Centuries

Evrydiki Sifneos, Oksana Iurkova and Valentina Shandra (eds)

Evrydiki Sifneos, Oksana Iurkova  and Valentina Shandra (eds), Port-Cities of the northern shore of the Black Sea: Institutional, Economic and Social Development,  18th – early 20th Centuries, Black Sea History Project Working Papers, volume 2

There are two main approaches on which this volume was formed. The first one is the concept of using the Black Sea as a unit of research, the approach of maritime history. So the "Black Sea History" is the history of maritime regions, their hinterland and their connections with the foreland, providing an alternative focus of the unit of research which is usually a state or an Empire. This book concentrates on the economic and social development of port-cities of the northern shore of the Black Sea; a development that was largely due to the fact that the port-cities acted as export-import gateways of the area, establishing strong linkages with western Europe. The second approach is, thus, the use of the concept of the "port city". Port city studies start where goods and passengers are "loaded and unloaded", between ship and shore. They include all aspects of urbanization, institutions and politics, spatial, economic and transport, along with social and cultural development in a comparative dimension on a local, regional, peripheral and international dimension. And this is what this book is about. It is divided in three parts. In the first part (chapters 1-4) the authors discuss research problems, urbanization and institutions, in the second part (chapters 5-12) transport, port development and competition and the third part (chapters 13-17) about society and culture focusing on Odessa and the Greek communities of the area.


Tribute to Evrydiki Sifneos

Preface , Gelina Harlaftis



1. Черноморские портовые города в отечественном историографическом наследии ХІХ – начала ХХІ столетий, Лариса Якубова [ Black Sea Port-Cities in Ukrainian Historiography in 1800s – 2000s], Larisa Yakubova

2. Города-порты Черного и Азовского морей, развитие судоходства и торговли в отражении материалов Государственного архива Одесской области, конец XVIII – начало ХХ вв. [City-ports of the Black and Azov Seas, the Development of Shipping and trade in the documents of the State Archive of Odessa region, end of XVIII - beginning of the twentieth century], Liliya Bilaousova

3. Место городов-портов Северного Причерноморья в урбанизационных и модернизационных процессах в регионе второй половины ХIХ – начала ХХ вв., [Urbanization and modernization processes of the port cities in the Northern Black Sea region, second half of the nineteenth - early twentieth century], Victoria Konstantinova

4. Генерал-губернаторы Юга Украины: формирование и реализация политики освоения и развития края (1774 – конец 1880-х годов) [General-Governors of Southern Ukraine: Formation and Implementation of Development Policy in 1770s-1880s], Valentyna Shandra


5. Пути сообщения Северного Причерноморья в контексте черноморской торговли XVIII–XIX ст. [The Transportation Network of the Northern Black Sea Shore and the Black Sea Trade 18th-19th centuries], Alexander Romantsov

6. Херсон: город «былой славы» [Kherson: the City of the "Former Glory"], Victoria Konstantinova and Igor Lyman

7. Николаевский международный торговый порт в контексте экономической истории города Николаева конца XVIII в. – начала ХX в., [The International Commercial Port of Nikolaev in the Economic History of the City of Nikolaev, end of 18th - beginning of 20th century], Larysa Levchenko

8. The Crimean ports and their Linkages as Grain Export Gateways with the Mediterannean and West European Markets (end of 19th-beginning of the 20th Centuries), Anna Sydorenko

9. Statistical Data on the Commercial Rivalry Between Odessa and the Danubian Ports (1829-1853), Constantin Ardeleanu

10. The Legal Status of Foreign Entrepreneurs in Odessa and Ismail (1807-1859), Andrei Emilciuc

11.Семья Севастопуло в Одессе: Вклад в Экономическое и Социальное Развитие Города[The Family of Sevastopoulo in Odessa: its Contribution to the Economic and Social Development of the City], Valery Tomozov

12. The 'discovery' of eastern Mediterranean and the Black Sea by Ionian entrepreneurs, Gerassimos Pagratis


13. The Greek Community in Southern Crimea Under Ottoman Rule, Oleksandr Halenko

14. Between the Golden Fleece and the Onion Domes: Church and Community Among the Greeks of Odessa in the Long 19th Century, Nikos Chrissidis

15. The Image of Odessa among the Greeks in the 1810's. Public Reports and Exchanges, Nassia Yakovaki

16. Характерные особенности развития государственного попечительства и благотворительности в Одессе в конце XVІІІ – в начале XX века [Characteristic features of the development of public welfare and charity in Odessa at the end of XVIII - the beginning of XX century], Svitlana Gerasimova

17. Nuptiality among Greeks of Odessa in 1800-1920:Records from Registers of the Holy Trinity Church, Sofronis Paradeisopoulos

18. Mortality in the Greek Community of Odessa in 1800-1920, Sofronis Paradeisopoulos