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Linkages of the Black Sea with the West. Trade and immigration

Maria Christina Chatziioannou (ed.)

Maria Christina Chatziioannou (ed.), Linkages of the Black Sea with the West. Trade and immigration, Black Sea History Project Working Papers, volume 7

This seventh volume of the series of the Black Sea project is a very different one. It is not about the history of a particular region and its ports of the Black Sea on specific topics (as for example economy, society, culture or urban planning and history of architecture). Instead, it treats the linkages of the Black Sea area and ports with the western world. It could also be described as the reverse view of this relation between the Black Sea ports with western ports, markets and societies. Navigation, western ports, immigration and emigration are the subjects of this volume of linkages with the Black Sea. All diverse subjects, that connect in many ways the economic activities of the Black Sea port cities (commerce, shipping, manufacturing), to the rest of the world and help to explain their development and their integration to the world economy in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Table of Contents



1. Apostolos Delis, Navigating insidious waters: duration, rhythms and hazards of the voyages to Black Sea in the 19th century

2. Maria Christina Chatziioannou, Trieste and the Black Sea.

A. The port of Trieste and the Black Sea economic challenges

3. Erica Mezzoli, Trieste and the Black Sea.

B. Maritime traffic between Trieste and the port-cities of the Black Sea, 1875-1914. A quantitative research

4. Panayotis Kapetanakis, Ionian trade in the Russian Black Sea and settlement in the Danube (1815-1864)

5. Maria Damilakou, From the Black Sea to the Pampas: the migratory movements to South America, 1870-1914

6. Per Kristian Sebak, The business of migration between Odessa and New York, 1892-1924. Managing maritime routes and passenger flows