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Port-Cities of the western Black Sea coast and the Danube: Economic and Social Development in the long nineteenth century

Constantin Ardeleanu and Andreas Lyberatos (eds)

Constantin Ardeleanu and Andreas Lyberatos (eds), Port-Cities of the western shore of the Black Sea:  Economic and Social Development, 18th – early 20th centuries, Black Sea History Project Working Papers, volume 1, 2016

The volume you have in your hands emerged in its initial form in a conference on the port-cities of the Western Black Sea Coast held at Constanţa and Varna in May-June 2014 in the framework of the Ionian University-led project “Black Sea and Port Cities from the 18th to the 20th centuries. Development, Convergence and Interconnections to the World Economy”, funded by both the European Union and Greece as part of the “Thales programme, Reinforcement of the Interdisciplinary and/or inter-institutional Research and Innovation”, NSRF 2007-2013. It includes chapters based on original archival research on the development of the port-cities of the western coast of the Black Sea. In this way, trade, shipping, port infrastructure, port-city development along with the merchants and shipowners and their entrepreneurial linkages are examined in the port-cities of Braila, Galatz, Constanţa, Varna and Burgas.